5 Ways to Craft Better Social Profiles for Small/Local Businesses

Local Social Media and Business Impact

What Is Local Business?

The Major Impact of Social Media On Local Business

  • There are over 200 million businesses on Facebook.
  • About 3 million businesses actively advertise on Facebook.
  • Facebook Messenger is being used by about 75% of marketers to engage with their audience.

How A Local Business Can Take Advantage of Social Media

  1. Organic method (“word-of-mouth”)
  2. Paid Advertising

I. Organic method (word-of-mouth)

II. Paid Advertising

  1. Instagram: Attract social influencers
  2. Twitter: Become a conversation starter for related communities
  3. Reddit: Target users by their specific interests
  4. NextDoor: Great for reaching customers where they live
  5. Therr: Perfect for reaching locals or tourists where they are in real-time or where they have frequently visited

The Impact of Organic Social Media Content On Local Businesses

The Impact of Social Media Ads On A Local Business

Final Thought



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